the North Pyramid Complex of Sneferu – Dahshur Pyramids


the North Pyramid Complex of Sneferu. Recently not accessible, the North Pyramid of Sneferu, called ‘Sneferu gleams’, is built of local limestone, cased with finer Turah material, but much of which has been lost. In size it resembles the pyramids at Gizah being 220m sq., 99m high, with an angle of 43°40′; in fact it considerably exceeds the Pyramid of Khafre in volume, thus being the second most massive pyramid The entry is in the middle of the N face, c 28m above ground level (interibr inaccessible) and leads to a passage descending at an angle, 60m long. This leads to three chambers with corbelled roofs similar in style to those of the S Pyramid (see below). No trace of a royal burial was found here either when investigated in the last century by Perring and Vyse, or more recently by Fakhry.

The Valley Temple and Mortuary Temple have not been found. If Sneferu was buried in either of these structures it is far more likely to have been in the southern one. Work on this pyramid has been hampered by fallen blocks.


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